Randy Miller

Randy Miller

 Gordon has been playing music with Randy Miller for decades. They both played with the Green Mountain Volunteers (a traditional dance performance group) for a European tour in the summer of 1985. A few years later Randy formed the New Hampshire Fiddlers Union, which in addition to Gordon, included Skip Gorman and Rodney Miller. This band produced a recording, The Music of John Taggart, of fiddle tunes Randy had discovered in the memoir of John Taggart, a musician who had lived in his younger years in Sharon, NH. The New Hampshire Fiddler’s Union participated in the 10th Annual Shetland Folk Festival in 1990.

Seattle's Thursday night Lake City contra dance on January 1, 2009. Music by Celticladda. Randy Miller on fiddle, Bill Thomas on uilleann pipes, Gordon Peery on piano, and Adina Gordon calling. Video by Doug Plummer.

Gordon plays with Randy in the trio Celticladda, where they are joined by whistler/flutist Sarah Bauhan.

Gordon and Randy play regularly for family dances at East Hill Farm in Troy, NH.

To learn more about Randy and his business, Fiddle Case Books, visit his website.

The Soldier’s Dream

The Music of John Taggart, released only on cassette, is no longer available. Below is an audio file of one tune from the recording. From the liner notes written by Randy:

The Soldier’s Dream comes from the Grandmother Pettis section of JAT [the Taggart Memoir). It has six verses relating the night vision of a weary soldier after bloody battle. In the dream he is transported back to his father’s home and nows never again to leave his friends, wife and little ones. Alas, at dawn the voices melt away and his profound sorrow returns. The recording is just of the melody.